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Additional Modules for CO2 Incubators INCOmed

Memmert  Additional Modules for CO2 Incubators INCOmed
Memmert Additional Modules for CO2 Incubators INCOmed
Comfort module:
Two gas connections with quick release connectors, automatic switch-over of gas cylinders.

Hygiene module:
Electropolished interior seamlessly welded by laser.

Communication module:
USB interface, 'Celsius' standard software for programming and logging, ring log memory for all set values, actual values, faults, settings with real time and date, printer interface for all PCL3 compatible printers.

CO2 module:
Extended CO2 range from 0 to 20 %.

Premium module:
Incl. Comfort, Hygiene, Communication and CO2 module.

Humidity module:
Active microprocessor control for humidifying and dehumidifying (40 to 97 % rh), incl. digital indication and auto-diagnostic system ensures even more rapid reaching of set humidity and very short recovery times while avoiding condensate formation. For applications with a set O2-value of less than 10 %, the humidity module is highly recommended; humidity supply with distilled water (from an external tank) by a self-priming pump; integral bacteria block by generating hotsteam, dehumidifying via sterile filter.

O2 module:
Control of O2 concentration by introducing N2, adjustment range 1 to 20 % O2, setting accuracy 0.1 %; sensor element has not to be removed during sterilisation.

IVF module:
Patented, consisting of 8 slide-in units, a total of 24 special racks with indentations for 24 Petri dishes (60 mm Ø) resp. 48 Petri dishes (35 mm Ø), 4 racks for 3 special media tubes each; racks with indentations for 4-well dishes on demand; only for INCO108med with the options T3, K7 and F7; works calibration certificate (measuring point chamber centre) at + 37 °C, 5, 6 and 7 % CO2 as well as 90 % rh; 5 % O2 for IVF unit equipped with option T6.
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