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Moisture Analyser DLB

Kern®  Moisture Analyser DLB
Kern®  Moisture Analyser DLB
Kern®  Moisture Analyser DLB
Kern® Moisture Analyser DLB
  • Halogen quartz glass heater 400 W.
  • Internal memory for automatic sequence of 5 complete drying processes.
  • The last value measured remains on the display until it is replaced by a new measurement.
  • Incl. 10 sample plates.
  • Table of applications: there are many practical examples in the operating instructions.
  • Drying modes: standard drying, pre-heat level, can be switched on.
  • Switch off criteria: when the set time has expired 1 to 99 min, when the weight loss per unit of time falls below the target value (60 s).
  • Recall of measurement: continuous output (residual weight), at the end of the drying process, manual or automatic (only in connection with YKB-01N printer or PC).
  • Adjusting programme (CAL): for quick setting of the balanceás accuracy.
  • Weighing units can be switched at the touch of a key.
  • Tare: put back displayed value to 0 during weighing process, e. g. to add or remove weighing material from a container.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • DLB: backlit LCD display, digit height 17 mm: current moisture content in %, unit for displaying the results, e. g. % moisture, drying process active.
  • DLT: with innovative Windows CE touch® operating system and touchscreen: large touch-sensitive, backlit screen with very good contrast for easy operation and convenient reading; colour LCD display, digit height 17 mm, screen diagonal 5.8'' (approx. 147 mm), W x H 118 x 88 mm.
Technical Data:
Readout:0.001 g / 0.01 %
Max. weighing range:160 g
Reproducibility, weight of sample 10 g:0.05 %
Display after drying (can be switched over at any time)
Moisture = weight loss (WL) from SW (startweight):0 to 100 %
Dry mass = residual weight (RW) from SW:100 to 0 %
ATRO (SG : RG) · 100 %:100 to 999 %
Weight loss (WL):absolute value in g
Temperature range:35 to 160 °C in steps up to 1 °C
Mains supply:230 V
Overall dimensions (W x D x H):210 x 340 x 225 mm
Net weight:approx. 4.2 kg
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