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Falcon™ Cell Culture Flasks

Corning®  Falcon™ Cell Culture Flasks
Corning® Falcon™ Cell Culture Flasks
Surface treatment for a better adherence of cells. Optionally with PE cap or gas exchange cap.

PE cap:
Cap with open / closed indicator. Optimal gas supply, gas-proof and liquid-tight. Angled neck with extended supporting surface.

Gas exchange cap:
Constant standardised gas exchange with tightly closed cap due to integrated microporous membrane. Simple handling, screwing is not necessary. Protection of culture and incubator from contamination. Hydrophobic membrane, size of pores 0.2 µm. Angled neck with extended supporting surface.
Order No.PU Availability
 With PE cap, 12.5 cm²25FALC353018100Login / Registration-
 With PE cap, 25 cm²50FALC353014200Login / Registration4
 With PE cap, 25 cm²70FALC353082200Login / Registration-
 With PE cap, 75 cm²250FALC353024100Login / Registration-
 With PE cap, 75 cm²275FALC35313560Login / Registration-
 With PE cap, 150 cm²600FALC35500040Login / Registration20
 With PE cap, 175 cm²750FALC35302840Login / Registration-
 With PE cap, 225 cm²800FALC35313930Login / Registration1
 With gas exchange cap, 12.5 cm²25FALC353107100Login / Registration-
 With gas exchange cap, 25 cm²50FALC353108100Login / Registration36
 With gas exchange cap, 25 cm²70FALC353109100Login / Registration6
 With gas exchange cap, 75 cm²250FALC353110100Login / Registration2
 With gas exchange cap, 75 cm²275FALC35313660Login / Registration69
 With gas exchange cap, 150 cm²600FALC35500140Login / Registration1
 With gas exchange cap, 175 cm²750FALC35311240Login / Registration117
 With gas exchange cap, 225 cm²800FALC35313830Login / Registration8