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Falcon™ Microplates

Corning®  Falcon™ Microplates
Corning® Falcon™ Microplates
Multiwell plates:
With untreated surface, polystyrene, radiation sterilised. Plates in different sizes, lid with air exchange sytsem, stackable. Application in microbiology and for suspended cells.

Multiwell cell culture plates:
Low evaporation rates, condensation rings, special air exchange system. Sterile packing, stackable.

HTS - high throughput screening products:
Aligned to known manufacturers and robots.
 TypeDescriptionBottomOrder No.PU Availability
 Multiwell plates6-well, non-treated, with lidflatFALC35114650Login / Registration3
 Multiwell plates12-well, non-treated, with lidflatFALC35114350Login / Registration3
 Multiwell plates24-well, non-treated, with lidflatFALC35114750Login / Registration3
 Multiwell plates96-well, non-treated, with lidflatFALC35117250Login / Registration2
 Multiwell plates96-well, non-treated, with lidroundFALC35117750Login / Registration1
 Multiwell plates48-well, non-treated, with lidflatFALC35117850Login / Registration-
 Multiwell cell culture plates6-well, with lidflatFALC35304650Login / Registration159
 Multiwell cell culture plates6-well, with lidflatFALC35322436Login / Registration-
 Multiwell cell culture plates12-well, with lidflatFALC35304350Login / Registration56
 Multiwell cell culture plates12-well, with lidflatFALC35322536Login / Registration-
 Multiwell cell culture plates24-well, with lidflatFALC35304750Login / Registration45
 Multiwell cell culture plates24-well, with lidflatFALC35322636Login / Registration2
 Multiwell cell culture plates48-well, with lidflatFALC35307850Login / Registration3
 Multiwell cell culture plates48-well, with lidflatFALC35323036Login / Registration1
 Multiwell cell culture plates96-well, with lidflatFALC35307250Login / Registration39
 Multiwell cell culture plates96-well, with lidroundFALC35307750Login / Registration42
 Multiwell cell culture plates96-well, with lidroundFALC35322750Login / Registration1
 HTS 96-well platesclear, with lidflatFALC35307550Login / Registration15
 HTS 96-well platesclear, with lidflatFALC35393684Login / Registration-
 HTS 96-well platesclear, with lidflatFALC353916100Login / Registration-
 HTS 96-well imaging platesblack, clear bottom, with lidflatFALC35321932Login / Registration-
 HTS 96-well storage plates / lidPP, conical, 1 ml, non-sterile-FALC353263100Login / Registration-
 Cell culture plates24-well, with lidflatFALC35393560Login / Registration1