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Extraction Thimbles, Type 30

Cellulose thimbles.
100 % consisting of cotton linters with a alpha cellulose content of > 95 %. Produced acc. to the German DIN standard 12449, suited for Soxhlet-systems acc. to the DIN standards 12602 and 12604.

  • Soxhlet-extraction for the determination of fat, lipids, additives or pesticides in the food sector, of resin-components in asphalt (roadworks), of oils, softening agents and lubricants from sludge and waste water.
  • Extraction of mineral oils in stones, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) from grounds and sludge, e. g. for detecting dioxin, monomer from plastics and rubber.
Technical Data:
Inner-Ø:+ 0 / - 3 mm
Outside length:± 1 mm
Wall thickness:1.5 mm (± 0.5 mm)
Temperature resistance:120 °C
PUOrder No.in Stock 
 10 x 50255423488-on demand
 22 x 80255043950-on demand
 25 x 80255423491-on demand
 25 x 90255423492-on demand
 25 x 100255423493-on demand
 27 x 60255043951-on demand
 28 x 100255043952-on demand
 30 x 80255423496-on demand
 30 x 100255423497-on demand
 33 x 80255043953-on demand
 33 x 94255043954-on demand
 33 x 100255043955-on demand
 33 x 118255043956-on demand
 33 x 150255423498-on demand
 33 x 205255423499-on demand
 35 x 120255423500-on demand
 35 x 150255423501-on demand
 43 x 123255043957-on demand
 60 x 180255423502-on demand
Fibre glass- and quartz thimbles are available on request.