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Accessories for Knife Mill GRINDOMIX GM 300

 DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Grinding container 5 lof autoclavable plastic, incl. knife holder163665423086-Login / Registration
 Grinding container 5 lof autoclavable plastic, without knife holder239645430684-Login / Registration
 Grinding container 5 lof st. steel, incl. knife holder239655430685-Login / Registration
 Grinding container 5 lof st. steel, without knife holder239665430686-Login / Registration
 Standard lidof autoclavable plastic163675423087-Login / Registration
 Standard lidof autoclavable plastic, for dry ice applications239675430687-Login / Registration
 Gravity lidof autoclavable plastic163685423088-Login / Registration
 Gravity lid with overflow channelsof autoclavable plastic239685430688-Login / Registration
 Standard knifeof st. steel163695423089-Login / Registration
 Knifefor grinding without heavy-metal contamination239695430689-Login / Registration
 Knifeof st. steel, full metal blades + knife cylinder, autoclavable285265435246-Login / Registration
 Knife with serrated bladesof st. steel with serrated blades, autoclavable285275435247-Login / Registration
 Scraper-163705423090-Login / Registration
 IQ / OQ document-239705430690-Login / Registration