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Barrel Pump System Ex-clusive-Set ES 1

For neutral, non- and highly combustible, non-aggressive, slightly viscous fluids, neutral dye, emulsion, dispersion, suspension, solvents, diluted acids and bases, mineral oils, diesel, biopetrolium, foods as well as cosmetics.
  • Pump mechanism made of ATEX stainless steel, 1000 mm for 200 l barrel.
  • Incl. 2 m tubing, solvent S, conductible, DN 25 and gas pump nozzle, nickel brass AG 1 ¼", barrel adapter and wall holder.
Technical Data:
General flow rate:max. 100 l / min
Flow rate oils:max. 15 l / min
Motor:230 V, IP 24, ATEX 700 W
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 Ex-clusiv-Set ES 115422877-on demand