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Accessories for FoodALYT RS Serial Heating Block Systems

 TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.in Stock 
 F-EXS 100100 ml extractor1F4700021-on demand
 F-EXS 100 H100 ml extractor with stopcock1F4700022-Login / Registration
 F-EXS 250 H250 ml extractor with stopcock1F4700123-on demand
 F-RK 100reflux condenser for 100 ml extractors F-EXS 100 or F-EXS 100 H1F4700025-on demand
 F-EH 100extraction thimbles for F-EXS 100 and F-EXS 100 H254700034-Login / Registration
 F-PM 45PTFE collars for NS 451F4700035-on demand