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KIMTECH PURE* G3 / G3 NXT* Nitril Gloves

Recommended for ISO Class 3 or higher, free from natural rubber latex for less glove-caused, allergic type 1 reactions. Beaded cuff for additional stability and easy putting on, statically dissipative properties when used, ambidextrous. CE certified acc. to EU directive 89/686/EWG (personal protective equipment), tested acc. to European norm EN 420:2003.
  • Length: 300 mm.

G3 white nitril gloves:
  • White with textured palm and fingertips.
  • Strength: finger 0.10 mm, palm 0.08 mm, cuff 0.07 mm.

G3 NXT* nitril gloves:
  • Value white nitril with textured palm and fingertips.
  • Strength: finger 0.16mm, palm 0.13 mm, cuff 0.10 mm.
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