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Eye Wash Stations with Sodium Chloride Solution

  • With ergonomic eye bowl.
  • Simple and quick application.
  • Time of permanency up to 3 years.
  • No maintenance.
  • Acc. to DIN EN 15154-4.
Sterile sodium chloride solution (0.9 %), conforming to the natural salinity of the eye. To wash out dust, dirt, splinters etc. Bottle of 500 ml. Acc. to DIN EN 15154-4.

Station with one bottle:
With wall holder (35 x 80 x 57 mm) and enclosed pictogram (300 x 90 x 3 mm). For quickly available eye washing in smaller workplaces.

Station with two bottles:
With wall holder, integrated pictogram and mirror. Allows an extra accurate and fast washing at workplaces where a longer washing time is necessary.
  • Wall station: 290 x 230 x 80 mm.

Station with two bottles in wall box:
Station in dust-tight wall box (265 x 227 x 110 mm). With mirror. For workplaces where dust and dirt occur.
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