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Heating Circulators TopTech Series

For external temperature applications at closed systems up to 200 °C or internal in in the circulator bath. With st. steel bath tanks and pump connections. Intuitive operation and extra bright display.
  • Electronically adjustable pressure pump.
  • Early warning system for low liquid level and high / low temperature.
  • RS232 interface.
  • Integrated cooling coil.
  • Incl. 2 barbed fittings for tubing 8 and 10 mm inner Ø each (pump connections with M10 x 1 female).
Technical Data:
Working temperature range:20 to 200 °C
Temperature stability:± 0.01 °C
Heating capacity:2 kW
Flow rate:11 to 16 l / min
Pressure:0.23 to 0.45 bar
opening / depth
Size (W x D x H)
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ME-12220 x 150 / 20012300 x 430 x 45015422661-Login / Registration
Thermal M bath fluid / Julabo