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96 Tube Racks

Non-sterile, for use with robots. Tubes and rack are autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. to DIN EN 285. Lids (TPE) are not autoclavable. Tubes, racks and lids can withstand temperatures as low as - 80 °C. The seal of the tubes is pressure-tested. Thanks to the stable connection between the mounting plate and the racks, the stackable racks in ANSI / SLAS format are especially well-suited for use with robots and other automated dispensing systems. Coded tubes (A1-H12) and rack sides suitable for barcode labels simplify sample organisation.
 DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No.in Stock  
 96 well racksfor 0.65 ml tubes, empty*505422580-on demand
 96 well racksfor 1.2 ml tubes, empty*505422581-on demand
96 well rackswith 96 well coded 0.65 ml tubes*505422582- Login / Registration
 96 well rackswith 96 well coded 1.2 ml tubes*505422583- Login / Registration
 Refill unitswith 96 well coded 0.65 ml tubes*505422584-on demand
 Refill unitswith 96 well coded 1.2 ml tubes*505422585-on demand
 Single tubes0.65 ml without coding50005422586-on demand
 Single tubes1.2 ml without coding50005422587-on demand
 8 well stripspierceable10005422588-on demand
96 well cover matspierceable1005422589-on demand
* Not available in the USA.