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Heat-On Blocks

Heidolph  Heat-On Blocks
Heidolph Heat-On Blocks
Safe heating and mixing.

These attachments are by far the safest, fastest and most efficient method for heating and mixing solutions in round-bottom flasks from 100 ml to 5 l. Heat-On fits precisely to every flask, thus ensuring max. surface contact and fast heat transfer. Eliminate the mess from cleaning flasks after removal from an oil bath or hazardous spills when an oil bath slips off a stirring plate. As a result, oil as a heat transfer media is made redundant and your lab is a safer place with the Heat-On block system.

Leading safety standards
  • Preventing accidents, fires and contamination by completely banning all oil baths from your laboratory.
  • This unique design prevents glass breakage and protects you from spilled chemicals or solvents.
  • The high temperature range provides unlimited safety for applications up to 260 °C.

Superior ease of use
  • A unique PTFE-coating on the aluminium Heat-On body allows for superior chemical resistance and many years of service life.
  • Precise temperature control inside the vessel or on the heating block with a thermocouple port that provides actual block temperature back to your MR Series hotplate.

Reduced cost of ownership
  • Increase your daily work throughput significantly and reduce your overall process times by quick changing of Heat-On blocks.
  • 1000 ml of water heats up 66 % faster than conventional oil baths.
  • 150 ml of water boils in less than 11 min.
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* Block with sidewise openings for 3-neck flasks.
Please order flasks separately.
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