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Captair®Flex™ Mobile Filter Extractor Hoods XLS 714

Filter extractor hoods of the Captair®Flex series provide a high flexibility. The modulated filtration column can be adjusted to all applications in the laboratory and in the environment. With filtration technology which allows using fluids and solids either separately or together in one device. Low consumption of energy, easy to install and transport. Full conformity with the strict norm in respect of filtration and toxic substance retention. No emission of toxic substances into the air. For the protection of users in the laboratory at applications with fluid, gaseous and solid chemicals. Molecular filtration by adsorption based on activated carbon and HEPA H14 particle filtration.
  • Vertical and horizontal modularity.
  • Working chambers for 1 to 4 filtration columns.
  • All type of filters fit the same format.
  • All protection requirements and retention capacities of the device can be covered: from workings with instruments with small amounts of chemical substances to applications with huge amounts of toxic substances.
  • Longish, trapezoidal or full vent down at the frontage depending on the air flow of the fans which ensure an air speed between 0.4 and 0.6 m / s.
  • Inclined frontage for a good view onto the working chamber.
  • Workplate with rounding off.

Erlab Safety Program (ESP)®: threepart service package, assures efficient operation during the entire life span of the filter extractor hood.
  • Valiquest® service: identifies the hood fitting best for the application.
  • Valipass® service: accredits and assures the areas of application during installation.
  • Valiguard® service: constant control of extractor hood during application.

Items supplied:
Anemometer, fan monitoring system 'Flow Monitor', sampling valve, hour counter, hole for cable culvert, handbook of retained chemicals 'Chemical Listing', workingplate, collection tank made of metal with enamelled glass plate (only with XLS models).
  • Metal parts: anti-corrosion steel, encircled by thermosetting polymer, acid-resistant.
  • Side part / frontage: synthetic glass 6 mm.
  • Filtration module made of PP.
Technical Data:
Number of columns:2
Number of fans (IP44):2
Air flow:460 m3 / h
Voltage:220 V
Total power:90 W (without lighting)
Power input:3.2 A
Noise level:55 dbA
 TypeOuter dimens­ions
(W x H x D)
Inside dimens­ions
(W x H x D)
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 XLS 7141800 x 1160 x 8001755 x 890 x 68015422454-Login / Registration
Filter columns for CaptairFlex M / XLS filter extractor hoods / Erlab