Hielscher Ultrasonics
Ultrasonic Homogenisers UP50H / UP100H

  • For handheld and stand-mounted use.
  • Dry running protected.
  • With carrying case.
  • Incl. fixture for stand STH-16 and tool.
Technical Data:
Frequency:30 kHz (auto-scan)
Amplitude:adjustable 20 to 100 %
Pulse:0 to 100 %
Set weight:750 g
Titanium horn:Ø 11 mm (max. amplitude at horn 44 µm)
Mains supply:200 to 240 V~, 48 to 63Hz
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On request also available with 100 to 130 V~, 48 to 63Hz.
Accessories are available on request.
Accessories for ultrasonic processors UP50H / UP100H / Hielscher Ultrasonics