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Accessories for Industry Ultrasonic Processor UIP500hd

Flow cell set FC100L1K-1S, decomposable stainless steel reactor with cooling jacket, max. pressure 5 bar, hose connectors (fluid 1/2, cooling 1/4), incl. sonotrode flange RFLA100, 2 x NBR O-ring sealing. For use with sonotrodes BS2d22 / 34 / 40.

Sonotrodes made of titanium, approx. 125 mm long, for flow cell set FC100L1K-1S or batch operation.

Power meter PowMet230 for display of current power, cumulated energy and operation time.
 DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Flow cell set FC100L1K-1SØ 100 mm, 150 mm long15422535-on demand
 Block sonotrode BS2d22Ø 22 mm, amplitude ratio approx. 1:2.415422531-on demand
 Block sonotrode BS2d34Ø 34 mm, amplitude ratio approx. 1:1.015422532-on demand
 Block sonotrode BS2d40Ø 40 mm, amplitude ratio approx. 1:0.715422533-on demand
 Titanium booster B2-1.4mechanical increase / decrease of the amplitude15422534-on demand
 Timer T200:00 to 99:5915422536-on demand
 Power meter PowMet230230 V15422537-Login / Registration
 Stand ST2st. steel, 250 x 285 x 590 mm, height adjust., collecting tray15422538-on demand
 Sound protection box SB2-230double-walled st. steel, 77 kg, incl. cooling unit15422539-on demand
Only available in Germany and Austria.