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oculav NIT® Immediate Eye Wash Sterile Solution

Ready for use sterile solution for an immediate washing of eyes, conjunctiva sac as well as affected skin at the place of accident. The buffer solution ties and neutralises, especially after chemical burn due to works with acids or bases plus pepper spray, CS or tear gas. Solution is available individually or in a complete box.

Fast removal from the holder. Plastic box with wall holder.
  • 260 x 160 x 80 mm.
  • Incl. 4 ready to use flushing bottles and instant set for eye injuries (DuOcul eye compresses, patch, DERMOTERT® compress, SÖHNGEN® silk adhesive tape strip, disposable safety gloves).
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Eye wash solution box15264178-Login / Registration
Sterile solution bottle 250 ml15264176-Login / Registration
Bottle holder*15264177-Login / Registration
* Metal holder for 250 ml bottles is attachable to every wall or machine with double-faced adhesive tape or screws.