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Magnifying Spectacles maxDETAIL

Spectacles for identification of small details without effort and free-hand.
  • Broad field of vision (~ 13 / 40 cm).
  • Working distance of 40 cm.
  • Double system-magnification (Galilei system).
  • Earpiece colour: grey.
  • Objective lense with convergency position.
  • Possible diopter compensation of ± 3 dpt.

Modelling, handwork, painting, restoration, soldering, testing / verifying, watchmaker, cosmetics, dentistry, reading.

maxDETAIL clip (optional):
Working distance of approx. 400 mm of the eye and 350 mm of the lense. Pupil distance 60 to 68 mm. Double magnification, 23 g. Adjustable in height for every kind of spectacles.
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