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Accessories for Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Series

 DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No.in Stock 
Tubing12 m vacuum and water tubing, incl. tubing clamps15190875-on demand
Guard hoodstrong and transparent plastic, high visibility15422180-Login / Registration
Guard shieldstrong and transparent plastic, high visibility15422181-Login / Registration
Vapour temperature sensorfor Hei-VAP Advantage and Precision15422182-Login / Registration
AUTOaccurate-sensorfor Hei-VAP Precision with glassware G3 and G615422183-Login / Registration
Vacuum sealchemically resistant PTFE154221854 Login / Registration
Aqua Stopsafety mechanism for deactivation of water15427733-Login / Registration
Spare vapour tubeNS 29 / 32154282943 Login / Registration
 Vacuum valvecontrol of vacuum for models with valve regulated pumps15428300-Login / Registration
 Heating bathup to 220 °C, 5 l15439715-Login / Registration
Manual vacuum controllerfor Hei-VAP Value and Advantage, incl. stand, 0 to 1020 mbar, for hose with 8 mm inner Ø16342931-Login / Registration
Switchbox: connect up to 3 rotary evaporators to 1 vacuum pumpfor Hei-VAP Precision, incl. 3 non-return valves, 0.6 kg, 80 x 45 x 60 mm16347712-on demand
 Woulff bottle, 250 mladditional recovery of solvent, connection to the vacuum valve16375262-Login / Registration