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Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Value / Value Digital

Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Value / Value Digital  Heidolph
Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Value / Value Digital Heidolph
Hei-VAP Series Video
Intelligent evaporation with Heidolph rotary evaporators
Overheat protection design that prevents water baths running dry, provides a detachable panel for superior ease of use from outside closed fume hoods and offers a proven vacuum seal and vapor tube system guaranteed for years of operation!

Leading safety standards
All models come with a safety heating bath with handles, pour spout, and cable coupling with protection class IP 67 to prevent short-circuiting and corrosion. The residual heat indicator also alerts you to a temperature above 50 °C when in stand-by mode. In the event of continued temperatures exceeding by > 5 °C, the heating is turned off to prevent running dry.

Superior ease of use
Simplify your day-to-day work with smart details such as a detachable panel, control knobs for direct control, the Easy-Clip for removing flasks, and the patented vapor tube. All glass accessories such as distillation spiders, evaporating cylinders, or evaporating flasks up to 5 l can be used with the universal 5 l heating bath without retrofitting.

Reduced cost of ownership
All components complement each other and are made for years of continuous operation: PTFE vacuum seals, UV resistant tubes with best chemical stability, condensate-repellent varnish,sealed housing, maintenance-free and sparkless motors. FDA compliant materials increase the range of applications without additional accessories.
  • 3-year warranty on all devices and an average operational lifespan of 10 years.
  • Multi-stage quality checks in development and production.
  • Premium service according to the "research made easy" principle.
Technical Data:
Height adjustment:155 mm
Rotation speed:10 to 280 min-1
Heating capacity:1300 W
Temperature range of heating bath:20 to 210 °C
Heating bath temperature control / accuracy:electronic / digital / ± 1 K
Secondary overtemperature cut-off:250 °C
Heating bath Ø / volume:255 mm / 4.5 l
Mains supply / voltage:1400 W / 230 V (50 / 60 Hz)
Operation conditions:0 to 40 °C at 80 % rel. humidity
Condencing surface G3:
Condencing surface G3XL:
1400 cm2
2200 cm2
Rate of evaporation G3 XL (l / h) ΔT* 40 °C


* ΔT = difference between heating bath and boiling temperature.
The Hei-VAP Value rotary evaporators with hand lift are optimally suited for all standard applications.
  • The convenience of large dial controls for adjustment of rotation speed and bath temperature.
  • Limit the height of your evaporating flask in just seconds.
  • Patented flask clamp Easy-Clip allows a simple and safe removing of the evaporating flask.
  • Optional: Hei-VAC Control for digital vacuum control.

Hei-VAP Value Digital:
Suited with a digital display for set and actual heating bath temperature.
Weight without glass assembly:16 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):395 x 490 x 430 mm
VersionOrder No.PU Availability 
 Hei-VAP ValueG1 diagonalstandard54221401Login / Registration-
 Hei-VAP ValueG1 diagonalcoated54221411Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP ValueG3 verticalstandard54221421Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP ValueG3 verticalcoated54221431Login / Registration-
 Hei-VAP ValueG5 condensate trapstandard54221441Login / Registration-
 Hei-VAP ValueG5 condensate trapcoated54221451Login / Registration-
 Hei-VAP ValueG6 vertical for refluxstandard54221461Login / Registration-
 Hei-VAP ValueG6 vertical for refluxcoated54221471Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP ValueG3 XL verticalstandard54462731Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP ValueG3B XL verticalcoated54462741Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP Value DigitalG1 diagonalstandard54332511Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP Value DigitalG1 diagonalcoated54332551Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP Value DigitalG3 verticalstandard54332521Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP Value DigitalG5 condensate trapstandard54332531Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP Value DigitalG5 condensate trapcoated54332571Login / Registration-
 Hei-VAP Value DigitalG6 vertical for refluxstandard54332541Login / Registration-
 Hei-VAP Value DigitalG6 vertical for refluxcoated54332581Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP Value DigitalG3 XL verticalstandard54462751Login / Registration-
Hei-VAP Value DigitalG3B XL verticalcoated54462761Login / Registration-
    54463481Login / Registration- 
All glassware sets also available with coating.
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