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GE Healthcare Syringe Filters ReZist®

Hydrophobic PTFE membrane, PP housing. The ReZist® range of syringe filters has been specifically designed to be resistant to organic solvents. Ideal for the clarification of aggressive organic solvents. ReZist® 30 mm filters can also be used as a venting filter for small vessels. Inlet / outlet: hose connection 6 to 14 mm with inside Luer cone.
Pore size
Colour codeFilter materialPUOrder No.in Stock 
13**0.2whitePTFE1005428751-Login / Registration
13**0.45greenPTFE1005428752-Login / Registration
30> 1naturalGF925005428750-Login / Registration
30*0.2whitePTFE505421868-Login / Registration
300.2whitePTFE1005421869-Login / Registration
300.45greenPTFE1005421871-Login / Registration
301.0yellowPTFE1005421872-Login / Registration
305.0grey rimPTFE1005421873-Login / Registration
* Sterile.