Volumentric Flasks PUR Plastic-Coated

PURprotect Video
The PURprotect coating envelops the volumetric flasks like a protection skin. In the event of breakage, the safety coating helps containing the glass fragments.
With PP-stopper, class A, DE-M marking, DURAN®. DIN EN ISO 1042, calibrated to contain (TC, »In«), incl. one batch certificate.
  • No increased electrostatic charge.
  • Coating: light blue.
  • Max. operating temperature: 135 °C at dry heat (exposure time < 30 min).
  • Max. cleaning temperature: max. 95 °C.
  • Frequent autoclaving at 121 °C reduces splintering protection.
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 50 W0.10NS 14/2325421960-Login / Registration
 1000.10NS 14/2325421961-Login / Registration
 2000.15NS 14/2325421962-Login / Registration
 2500.15NS 14/2325421963-Login / Registration
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W = wide mouth.
Further sizes are available on request.