Pipettes Research® Plus, Variable

Research® Plus variabel Video 1
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The ultralight Eppendorf pipette Research® Plus meets highest requirements to precision and accuracy, combined with very good ergonomics and an improved flexibility.
  • Very low operating force.
  • Calibration display and adjustment opening: for calibration of the pipette to a specific liquid and volume.
  • Quick acting closure: lower part can be removed easily (not with 5 and 10 ml pipettes).
  • Springily peak-cone: improved ergonomics, fits tightly and tailored in the tip (not with 5 and 10 ml pipettes).
  • 4-digit volume display.
  • Side tip ejector.
  • Incl. epT.I.P.S.® box or epT.I.P.S.® bag.
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