Warning Lables

Self adhesive, plastic, in a dispensing box, with printed text and hazard class.
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 "Biohazard"30 x 225005421260-on demand
 "O, Oxidising"30 x 225005421261-on demand
 "O, Oxidising"40 x 275005421262-on demand
 "E, Explosive"30 x 225005421265-on demand
 "E, Explosive"40 x 275005421263-on demand
 "Xn, Harmful"30 x 225005421266-on demand
 "Xn, Harmful"40 x 275005421264-on demand
 "T, Toxic"30 x 225005421267-on demand
 "T, Toxic"40 x 275005421268-on demand
 "F, Highly flammable"30 x 225005421272-on demand
 "F, Highly flammable"40 x 275005421269-on demand
 "F+, Extremely flammable"30 x 225005421271-on demand
 "F+, Extremely flammable"40 x 275005421270-on demand
 "R, Radioactive"40 x 275005421275-on demand
 "Xi, Irritating"30 x 225005421274-on demand
 "Xi, Irritating"40 x 275005421276-on demand
 "T+, Very toxic"30 x 225005421278-on demand
 "T+, Very toxic"40 x 275005421279-on demand
 "N, Environmental hazard"30 x 225005421280-on demand
 "N, Environmental hazard"40 x 275005421281-on demand
 "C, Corrosive"30 x 225005421282-on demand
 "C, Corrosive"40 x 275005421277-on demand
Please state with order if an English imprint is needed.