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Accessories for Vortex Genie 2® Mixer

 DescriptionForPUOrder No.in Stock 
TurboMix attachment1.5 or 2.0 ml tubes15431124-on demand
Microtube foam insert60 reaction tubes15431128-on demand
Microtube foam insertmicroplates15431129-on demand
Tube foam insert12 x 9 to 16 mm tubes15431132-on demand
 Tube foam insert8 x 14 to 29 mm tubes15431133-on demand
Tube foam insert4 x 29 to 37 mm tubes15431134-on demand
 Blank foam insert 15431135-on demand
Pop-Off-Cup 15431136-on demand
Tube holder, horizontal6 x 50 ml tubes15431140-on demand
Tube holder, horizontal12 x 15 ml tubes15431141-on demand
Tube holder, horizontal24 microtubes15431142-on demand
Tube holder, vertical6 x 50 ml tubes15431143-on demand
Tube holder, vertical12 x 15 ml tubes15431144-on demand
Tube holder, vertical24 microtubes15431145-on demand
Tube holder, vertical6 x 50 and 15 ml tubes each and 12 microtubes15431146-on demand
 TurboMix attachment1.5 ml tubes15431125-on demand
 TurboMix attachment2.0 ml tubes15431126-on demand
 Platform Ø 15 cm 15431127-on demand
 Elastic bands 25431130-on demand
Recessed platform 15431131-on demand
Platform Ø 7.5 cm with rubber cover 15431137-on demand
 Platform Ø 7.5 cm without rubber cover 15431138-on demand
 Rubber coverplatform Ø 7.5 cm15431139-on demand