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Chest and Upright Freezers with Natural Coolants

The GFL hydrocarbon green freezers implement the current Kyoto Protocol guidelines which call for a considerable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Applying climate-neutral hydrocarbons with an extremely low global warming potential (GWP), the freezers contribute effectively to reducing the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere.

Upright freezer with natural coolants, microprocessor-controlled, with variable alarm system and potential-free contact for connection to an internal alarm system.

Multifunctional operating panel:
With clear symbols. Alarm limits for over- and under-temperatures as well as alarm suppression values (up to 240 min) can be set individually. Automatic alarm and error reports, in-put / retrieval of all safety-relevant values: set and actual temperatures, over- and under-temperatures.

Maintains all display and alarm functions for 48 h in case of a power failure (accumulator time allowance). Electronic alarm device and potential-free contact for connection to an internal alarm system, or to the central I&C system.

Ex-proof cabinet:
Acc. to BG-I 850-0, version 02 / 2009, made of st. steel. Chest freezers 6584 and 6585: additionally insulated with removable covers to prevent loss of cold air. Upright freezer 6681 (sub-counter deep freezer): 3 drawers, running smoothly on rollers, with insulated doors to prevent loss of cold air (inner height 155, 160 and 165 mm). Upright freezers 6683 and 6685: 3 inner compartments with insulated doors to prevent loss of cold air. Each compartment can be separated by a shelf (accessory). Cooling coils blown into the sides ensure direct cooling from all sides, short cooling down time and even temperature distribution throughout the whole cabinet.

Cabinet lid / door:
Double sealed (one magnetic sealing) and insulated. The magnetic sealing system reliably prevents freezing of the lid / door seals. Door fitted with a safety lock handle. Hinges on the right-hand side. Chest freezers 6584 and 6585: fitted with counter-balanced spring tension hinges.

Made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated, widely resistant to acids bases and heat. Upright freezers 6683 und 6685: 4 castors (2 of them are lockable) ensure easy mobility on different sites. Upright freezer 6681 (sub-counter freezer): 4 castors. Chest freezers 6584 and 6585: 6 castors (2 of them are lockable).

Seamless and diffusion-tight polyurethane foam on all sides, up to 150 mm thickness.

Refrigeration system:
According to the German Accident Prevention Law. Energy-saving, maintenance-free cooling unit. The motor compartment contains the fully hermetic high-capacity compressors, air-cooled condenser, component-tested safety pressure controllers (Pressostat) and other control elements, all easily accessible.

Safety refrigerant:
Natural coolants - hydrocarbons.
Electrical connection:230 V / 50 Hz*
Temperature range
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
Outside dimens­ions
(W x D x H)
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 Upright freezer 6681*96- 50 to - 85430 x 430 x 510900 x 770 x 890**1.315015439756-Login / Registration
 Upright freezer 6683300- 50 to - 85600 x 450 x 1100990 x 865 x 1940**1.327015439757-Login / Registration
 Upright freezer 6685500- 50 to - 85600 x 760 x 1100990 x 1175 x 1940**1.334015420450-Login / Registration
 Freezer 6584300- 50 to - 851000 x 500 x 6001610 x 910 x 1060**1.326015439758-Login / Registration
 Freezer 6585500- 50 to - 851440 x 580 x 6002060 x 1000 x 1060**1.333015439759-Login / Registration
* Sub-counter deep freezer.
** Dimensions: with lock and hinges.