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Combs for multiSUB Maxi

Colour coded combs:
  • Black: 0.75 mm for ultra resolved bands.
  • White: 1 mm, standard combs.
  • Red: 1.5 mm for maximising sample volumes.
  • Blue: 2 mm for maximising sample volumes.
Options for sample preperation and multi-channel pipette compatibility (indicated by 'MC' in the description). The number of samples can be maximised using high tooth number combs.
Sample volume for
5 mm thick gel
PUOrder No.in Stock  
 10 sample0.7554 μl15420304- on demand
 16 sample0.7530 μl15420305- on demand
 20 sample, MC0.7520 μl15420306- on demand
 25 sample0.7516 μl15420307- on demand
 30 sample0.7513 μl15420308- on demand
 36 sample0.7511 μl15420309- on demand
 40 sample, MC0.758 μl15420310-on demand
 50 sample0.758 μl15420311- on demand
 10 sample1.072 μl15420312- on demand
 16 sample1.041 μl15420313- on demand
 20 sample, MC1.027 μl15420314- on demand
 25 sample1.021 μl15420315- on demand
 30 sample1.017 μl15420316- on demand
 36 sample1.014 μl15420317- on demand
 40 sample, MC1.011 μl15420318- on demand
 50 sample1.010 μl15420319- on demand
 10 sample1.5108 μl15420320- on demand
 16 sample1.561 μl15420321- on demand
 20 sample, MC1.541 μl15420322- on demand
 25 sample1.532 μl15420323- on demand
 30 sample1.526 μl15420324- on demand
 36 sample1.522 μl15420325- on demand
 40 sample, MC1.517 μl15420326- on demand
 50 sample1.516 μl15420327- on demand
 10 sample2.0144 μl15420328- on demand
 16 sample2.081 μl15420329- on demand
 20 sample, MC2.054 μl15420330- on demand
 25 sample2.042 μl15420331- on demand
 30 sample2.034 μl15420332- on demand
 36 sample2.029 μl15420333- on demand
 40 sample, MC2.023 μl15420334- on demand
 50 sample2.021 μl15420335- on demand