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Combs for multiSUB Mini

Colour coded combs:
  • Black: 0.75 mm for ultra resolved bands.
  • White: 1 mm, standard combs.
  • Red: 1.5 mm for maximising sample volumes.
  • Blue: 2 mm for maximising sample volumes.
Options for sample preperation and multi-channel pipette compatibility (indicated by 'MC' in the description). The number of samples can be maximised using high tooth number combs.
Sample volume for
5 mm thick gel
PUOrder No.in Stock 
 8 sample, MC0.758 μl15420260-on demand
 8 sample0.7519 μl15420261-on demand
 10 sample0.7514 μl15420262-on demand
 12 sample, MC0.7510 μl15420263-on demand
 16 sample0.757 μl15420264-on demand
 8 sample, MC1.011 μl15420265-on demand
 8 sample1.025 μl15420266-on demand
 10 sample1.018 μl15420267-on demand
 12 sample, MC1.014 μl15420268-on demand
 16 sample1.010 μl15420269-on demand
 8 sample, MC1.517 μl15420270-on demand
 8 sample1.537 μl15420271-on demand
 10 sample1.527 μl15420272-on demand
 12 sample, MC1.520 μl15420273-on demand
 16 sample1.515 μl15420274-on demand
 8 sample, MC2.023 μl15420275-on demand
 8 sample2.050 μl15420276-on demand
 10 sample2.036 μl15420277-on demand
 12 sample, MC2.027 μl15420278-on demand
 16 sample2.020 μl15420279-on demand