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Microplates BRANDplates®, cellGrade™ premium

PS, sterile. Individually wrapped, with lid.
Poly-D-Lysine-equivalent surface, with analogous results regarding growth performance and cell morphology. Optimal adhesion of cells to the surface reduces cell damage when washing frequently. Cultivation of cell lines with the highest demands on their environment. Surface suited for serum-free and serum-reduced cultivation of cells. Good shelf life at room temperature. Alternative option to biologically coated surfaces. Clearly distinguishable through the colour code: orange, embossed alphanumeric coding for 96-well standard plates. Free from endotoxins, DNase, DNA, RNase, non-cytotoxic.
 DescriptionColourWell shapeWell volumePUOrder No.in Stock  
96-well, standardtransparentF-bottom350 μl505420169- Login / Registration
96-well, standardwhiteF-bottom350 μl505420170-on demand
96-well, standardblackF-bottom350 μl505420171-on demand
96-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom330 μl505420172- Login / Registration
96-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom330 μl55436675- Login / Registration
96-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom330 μl505420173- Login / Registration
96-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom330 μl55436676- Login / Registration
384-well, standardtransparentF-bottom100 μl505420174-on demand
384-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom120 μl505420175-on demand
384-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom120 μl55436677-on demand
384-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom120 μl505420176-on demand
384-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom120 μl55436678-on demand