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Microplates BRANDplates®, cellGrade™ plus

PS, sterile. Individually wrapped, with lid.
For cultivation of fastidious cell lines. In addition to carboxyl and hydroxyl chemical groups, free amino groups are present on the surface. The surface has a protein-like composition, so cells can directly attach and spread out. Cells adhere faster, better rate of yield. Sensitive cell lines can be cultivated. Suited for serum reduced cultivation of cells. Clearly distinguishable through the colour code: orange, embossed alphanumeric coding for 96-well standard plates. Free from endotoxins, DNase, DNA, RNase, non-cytotoxic.
 DescriptionColourWell shapeWell volumePUOrder No.in Stock  
96-well, standardtransparentF-bottom350 μl505420161- Login / Registration
 96-well, standardwhiteF-bottom350 μl505420162-on demand
 96-well, standardblackF-bottom350 μl505420163-on demand
96-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom330 μl505420164- Login / Registration
 96-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom330 μl55436671- Login / Registration
 96-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom330 μl505420165- Login / Registration
 96-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom330 μl55436672- Login / Registration
 384-well, standardtransparentF-bottom100 μl505420166-on demand
 384-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom120 μl505420167-on demand
 384-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom120 μl55436673-on demand
 384-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom120 μl505420168-on demand
 384-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom120 μl55436674-on demand