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Microplates BRANDplates®, immunoGrade™ (high binding)

PS, non-sterile. Optimised for the immobilisation of IgG, standard ELISA assay. Suitable for solid phase immunoassays.
Modification via a physical-chemical process, good shelf life at room temperature. Clearly distinguishable through the colour code: blue embossed alphanumeric coding for 96-well standard plates. Free from endotoxins, DNase, DNA, RNase, non-cytotoxic.
 DescriptionColourWell shapeWell volumePUOrder No.in Stock  
96-well, standardtransparentU-bottom330 μl1005420102- Login / Registration
96-well, standardtransparentV-bottom360 μl1005420103- Login / Registration
96-well, standardtransparentF-bottom350 μl1005420104- Login / Registration
96-well, standardtransparentC-bottom350 μl1005420105-on demand
96-well, standardwhiteU-bottom330 μl1005420106- Login / Registration
96-well, standardwhiteC-bottom350 μl1005420107-on demand
96-well, standardblackU-bottom330 μl1005420108- Login / Registration
96-well, standardblackC-bottom350 μl1005420109-on demand
96-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom330 μl1005420110- Login / Registration
 96-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom330 μl55436662- Login / Registration
96-well, strip microplatestransparentF-bottom360 μl1005426890- Login / Registration
96-well, strip microplates, with gridtransparentF-bottom360 μl1005426891- Login / Registration
384-well, standardtransparentF-bottom100 μl505420111- Login / Registration
384-well, standardwhiteF-bottom100 μl505420112- Login / Registration
384-well, standardblackF-bottom100 μl505420113- Login / Registration