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Microplates BRANDplates®, pureGrade S

Microplates BRANDplates®, pureGrade™ S  BRAND
Microplates BRANDplates®, pureGrade™ S BRAND
PS / UV transparent material. Non-treated, sterile. Sterilised via ß-radiation. For bacteriological assays, screenings, storage etc.
Single packed, with lid. Clearly distinguishable via colour code: grey embossed alphanumeric coding for 96-well standard plates in white or black. Free from endotoxins, DNase, DNA, RNase, non-cytotoxic (acc. to ISO 10993).
 DescriptionColourWell shapeWell volumeOrder No.PU Availability
96-well, standardtransparentU-bottom330 μl542008250Login / Registration-
96-well, standardtransparentV-bottom360 μl542008350Login / Registration-
96-well, standardtransparentF-bottom350 μl542008450Login / Registration-
96-well, standardtransparentC-bottom350 μl542008550Login / Registration-
96-well, standardwhiteF-bottom350 μl542008650Login / Registration-
96-well, standardblackF-bottom350 μl542008750Login / Registration-
96-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom330 μl542008850Login / Registration-
96-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom330 μl542008950Login / Registration-
384-well, standardtransparentF-bottom100 μl542009150Login / Registration-
384-well, standardwhiteF-bottom100 μl542009250Login / Registration-
384-well, standardblackF-bottom100 μl542009350Login / Registration-
384-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom120 μl542009750Login / Registration-
384-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom120 μl542009850Login / Registration-
1536-well, standardtransparentF-bottom10 μl542009950Login / Registration-
1536-well, standardwhiteF-bottom10 μl542010050Login / Registration-
1536-well, standardblackF-bottom10 μl542010150Login / Registration-