Accessories for Titrette® class A precision

Titrating tube:with screw cap and integrated discharge and recirculation valve
Filling valve:with olive-shaped nozzle and sealing ring
Telescoping filling tube:FEP
Inspection window:1 set colourless and 1 set amber coloured (light shield)
Bottle stand:PP, full plastic construction
 TypeDescriptionPUOrder Stock 
 Titrating tube10 ml15436657-Login / Registration
Titrating tube25 and 50 ml (up to serial No. 12J)15420004-Login / Registration
 Titrating tube25 and 50 ml (from serial No. 01K)15431220-Login / Registration
Filling valve 15420005-Login / Registration
 Piston headfor volume 10 ml15436658-Login / Registration
Piston headfor volume 25 ml15420006-Login / Registration
 Piston headfor volume 50 ml15420007-Login / Registration
Inspection window1 set colourless / amber-coloured each (light shield)15420008-Login / Registration
Bottle standfor Dispensette® and Titrette®, support rod 300 mm15436660-Login / Registration
Drying tube and sealwithout drying agent15271334-Login / Registration
 Dispensing cylinder with valve blockfor volumen 10 ml15436659-Login / Registration
Dispensing cylinder with valve blockfor volume 25 ml (from serial no. 01K )15431221-Login / Registration
 Dispensing cylinder with valve blockfor volume 50 ml (from serial no. 01K )15431222-Login / Registration