PCR Sealing Mats

BRAND has significantly expanded its product range of extra-thin-wall disposable products, which were specially developed to satisfy the demands of PCR applications!

Quality features:
  • Suitable for use in common thermal cyclers.
  • PP, extra-thin uniform wall thicknesses to provide the optimal thermal transfer and short cycle times.
  • 96-well PCR plates with blue alphanumeric code and cut corner marking.
  • Highly clear flat covers optimally suited for qPCR.
  • DNase-, DNA- and RNase-free.
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. to DIN EN 285.
  • White PCR plates are available for best results with quantitative real-time PCR.
PCR sealing mats have been designed to fit BRAND PCR plates exactly and reduce evaporation losses by up to 75 % compared to conventional systems. They are characterised by their high flexibility, tight sealing, autoclavability and are easily pierced by pipette tips
 TypeDescriptionMaterialPUOrder Stock  
24-well matfor Order No. 5380800TPE105380807- on demand
48-well matfor Order No. 5380801TPE105380808- on demand
96-well matfor Order No. 5409381 and 5380804TPE55409379-Login / Registration
* Autoclavable 5 x.