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UV Transilluminators

Multitasking workstations which offer an ultra-violet source for the analysis of fluorescently stained DNA, RNA and protein electrophoresis gels. They offer space to place tube racks, cutting tools or waste agarose gel, ideal when there is a need to cut gel bands. UV transilluminators include a specially designed safety UV leakage indicator which changes colour when UV light is detected. A high quality starter ensures that the UV tubes energise immediately and without flickering.
  • Each model includes a high / low intensity switch.
  • Extended life of tubes.
  • High efficiency reflector.
Technical Data:
Light source:8 W x 6 tubes
UV resistant plastic cover (W x D):33 x 25 cm
Unit dimensions (W x L x H):34 x 29.5 x 10 cm
 Gel size
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 21 x 2125421 x 2115422134-on demand
 21 x 2131221 x 2115927640-on demand
 21 x 2136521 x 2115422135-on demand
 21 x 21254 and 31221 x 2115927642-on demand
 21 x 21254 and 36521 x 2115927641-on demand
 26 x 2125426 x 2115422136-on demand
 26 x 2131226 x 2115422137-on demand
 26 x 2136526 x 2115422138-on demand