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Horizontal Electrophoresis Units MultiSUB Mini

MultiSUB Mini is designed for low to medium numbers of samples. The small gel size maximises run economy. Simply by altering the gel tray or comb, this compact unit is capable of resolving up to 64 different samples, preparing 1 ml of sample or separating sample bands over a distance of 9 cm. Duo model includes both sizes of UV tray.
  • Low gel and buffer volumes.
  • Small lab bench footprint.
  • Incl. combs, UV tray, casting dams and loading guides.
Technical Data:
Dimension of unit (W x D x H):21 x 9 x 9 cm
Buffer volume:225 ml
 TypeGel size
ForPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Mini 77 x 72 x 8max. 32 samples15927200-on demand
 Mini 107 x 102 x 8max. 64 samples15927201-on demand
 Mini Duo7 x 7 / 7 x 102 x 8max. 32 / 64 samples15927202-on demand
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