Star-Desiccator / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator

Bohlender  Star-Desiccator / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator
Bohlender  Star-Desiccator / Star-Vitrum-DesiccatorBohlender  Star-Desiccator / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator    
These desiccators have a reinforced aluminium frame, a door with magnetic catch and a circular rubber seal, 4 variable height shelves, a desiccant tray, silica gel and an easy to read electronic hygrometer. The desiccators are stackable and can be used with up to 26 shelves.
Technical Data:
Stand:rubber feet
Use:normal pressure
Overall dimensions (W x H x D):310 x 525 x 375 mm
Usable interior space (W x H x D):260 x 480 x 330 mm
Capacity:51 l
Total all-over load:30 kg

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Bohlender Star-Desiccator / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator

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 Star-DesiccatorPMMAPMMA- 20 to + 7015042651-841.34 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Star-Vitrum-Desiccatorborosilicate glass 3.3st. steel- 20 to + 15015427227-1,116.86 Add product to Shopping Basket
SICCO desiccant cartridge / Bohlender