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ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive / ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive control

IKA®  ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive / ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive control
IKA® ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive / ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive control
Video ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive
Universal, disposable disperser system with hermetically sealable disposable sample tubes. Protection and security for: infectious sample materials, toxic substances, high-odour substances. Application areas: human medicine, pathology, veterinary medicine, animal hygiene institutes, clinical diagnosis research, foodstuffs testing laboratories, diagnostic laboratories, toxicology, medical research, pharmaceutical research, biological research, tumour biology, immunology, chemistry, cosmetics.
  • Disperse, stir and grind using a single drive unit.
  • High level of user safety.
  • No possibility of cross-contamination.
  • Quick and simple.
  • Hygienic and clean.
  • Hermetically sealable, disposable sample tubes.
  • Covers with pierceable membranes available on request.
  • Suitable for individual use and use in series.
  • Anti-locking function.
  • Increases safety due to low voltage (24 V).
  • Chemical-resistant plastic.
  • Worldwide service guaranteed by IKA®.
  • Worldwide patent.

ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive control:
  • USB interface for experiment control and documentation.
  • Collecting tray for protection against leaking liquids.
  • Simple and precise menu navigation thanks to the OLED display.
  • Programmable sample conditions (library).

Items supplied with workstations:
Workstation ULTRA-TURRAX® tube drive, 2 x ST-20, 2 x DT-20, 2 x BMT-20 G / S, power supply, incl. 1 removal hook for removal the rotor-stator unit.

Workstation ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive control, 2 x ST-20, 1 x DT-20, 1 x BMT-20 G / S, power supply, incl. 1 removal hook for removal the rotor-stator unit.
Technical Data:
Rating input / output:
Protection class acc. to DIN EN 60529:
20 / 17 W
IP 20
Display time:digital
Speed range:

300 to 6000 min-1
Timer:1 to 59 s (300 to 6000 min-1)
1 to 29 min (300 to 4000 min-1)
Dimensions (W x D x H):100 x 160 x 40 mm
Weight:0.75 kg
ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive control:
Speed range / turbo speed:6000 / 8000 min-1
Reversal of rotating direction interval:
10 s to 30 min (infinitely adjustable)
10 to 60 s
Dimensions (W x D x H):122 x 178 x 48 mm
Weight:1.0 kg
ST tube with stirring device:mixing, stirring, extractions, preparation of soil sample, suspensions, solubility testing for medications
DT tube with rotor-stator element:dispersion, homogenisation, suspensions, pharmocokinetics, metabolism studies, diagnosis
BMT G / S tube for grinding with glass balls (6) or with st. steel balls (S):dry milling of dry and brittle samples (e. g. kaolin, gypsum, coloured pigments, tablets), cell maceration, processing of materials mixed with fluids
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ULTRA-TURRAX® ST-20tube with stirring device20557123225 Login / Registration-
 ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-20 Gtube for grinding with glass balls20557123425 Login / Registration-
 ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-20 Stube for grinding with st. steel balls20557123525 Login / Registration-
 ULTRA-TURRAX® ST-20-M-gammatube with stirring device, g-sterilised20542398220 Login / Registration-
ULTRA-TURRAX® DT-20tube with rotor-stator element50542941525 Login / Registration-
ULTRA-TURRAX® DT-20-M-gammatube with rotor-stator unit, g-sterilised20542398320 Login / Registration7
 ULTRA-TURRAX® DT-20-S-M-gammatube for grinding with st. steel balls, g-sterilised20542398420 Login / Registration-
 ULTRA-TURRAX® ST-50tube with stirring device50542398510 Login / Registration-
 ULTRA-TURRAX® DT-50tube with rotor-stator unit50542398610 Login / Registration-
 ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-50-Gtube for grinding with glass balls50542398810 Login / Registration-
 ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-50-Stube for grinding with st. steel balls50542398710 Login / Registration-
 ULTRA-TURRAX® ST-50-M-gammatube with stirring device, g-sterilised50542398910 Login / Registration-
ULTRA-TURRAX® DT-50-M-gammatube with rotor-stator unit, g-sterilised50542399010 Login / Registration-
ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-50-S-M-gammatube for grinding with st. steel balls, g-sterilised50542399110 Login / Registration-