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Chest and Upright Freezers

GFL  Chest and Upright Freezers
GFL Chest and Upright Freezers
GFL Deep Freezers for longterm storage and quality assurance testing are equipped with both microprocessor technique and an interface module (built-in serial RS232 port) for convenient remote control monitoring and temperature recording via PC. Also available are two further data transfer formats, RS422 and RS485. GFL Deep Freezers are manufactured using only high-quality, stringently tested materials. The units operate silently, have been approved with the CE mark and are maintenance-free.

Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation:
The microprocessor-controlled temperature regulator, with digital display of actual and set temperature values and digital setting for specified values, is battery-buffered by a constantly charged NC battery that maintains the display of the actual temperature and the alarm functions for 60 h in case of a power failure. During operation on the line the battery level and the set temperature can be checked by touch control.

Energy-saving Cooling Unit:
Maintenance-free cooling unit, equipped with fully hermetically sealed high-performance compressors and an air-cooled condenser, short cooling times. The refrigerant is non-flammable. The insulation installed all around the unit comprises a 150 mm thick, seamless and diffusion-protected foamed-in polyurethane layer. This insulation is an essential precondition for energy saving operation. The compressors only give off around 400 W of heat to the environment at max. cooling temperature.

Multiple alarm messages:
As standard, the Deep Freezers come with a potential-free changeover contact for connection to an internal alarm system, or to the central I&C system. They are also provided with a connection for a piezoelectric buzzer for simple remote notification of alarms (max. cable length: 100 m with a cable Ø of 0.14 mm2).
In the event of a fault (e. g. excess temperature, under temperature, loss of power, sensor break / short-circuit, etc.), an optical and acoustic alarm is issued. The cause for the fault is shown in the display as a defined code number. The limit values for alarms (1 to 20 K) for excess and under temperatures can be set individually by the user. Other optional alarm messages can also be set by the user.

Ex-proof inside cabinets:
The inside cabinets are manufactured completely of st. steel (material No. 1.4301), are corrosion resistant and easy to clean. They are free from ignition sources - an extremely important aspect when storing media with low flash points - and are ex-proof in accordance with BG-I 850-0, version 02 / 2009. The cooling air outlet is located at the front of the unit, meaning that explosive gases cannot be drawn in when the lid or door is opened. The magnetic sealing system reliably prevents freezing of the lid or door seals. All chest lids are balanced and easy to operate. Upright Freezers with storage volumes of 300 and 500 l are equipped with three inside compartments, each provided with an insulating door to prevent any loss of cold air. The lids and doors of the freezer units can be locked. The easy-to-use control panel provides controlled access through the use of a key-operated security switch.

Powder-coated housing:
The housings are made of powder-coated, electrolytically galvanised sheet steel. As standard, GFL Deep Freezers come with double wheel swivel castors, two of which can be locked, for mobile applications (castors for sub-counter upright freezers 6441 and 6481).
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz
(other voltages on request)
Temperature range
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
Outside dimens­ions
(W x D x H)
Order No.PU Availability 
Chest 6340700 to - 40600 x 350 x 340836 x 685 x 10550.610056993401Login / Registration-
 Chest 6341300 to - 40500 x 305 x 200700 x 600 x 9050.67056993411Login / Registration-
 Chest 63421000 to - 40710 x 440 x 340960 x 790 x 10800.618056993421Login / Registration-
 Chest 63432200 to - 40840 x 460 x 5801450 x 870 x 10400.621056993431Login / Registration-
 Chest 63443000 to - 401000 x 500 x 6001610 x 910 x 10600.624056993441Login / Registration-
 Chest 63455000 to - 401440 x 580 x 6002060 x 1000 x 10600.631056993451Login / Registration-
 Chest 638070- 50 to - 85600 x 350 x 340836 x 685 x 10551.212056993801Login / Registration-
 Chest 638130- 50 to - 85500 x 305 x 200700 x 600 x 9051.29056993811Login / Registration-
 Chest 6382100- 50 to - 85710 x 440 x 340960 x 790 x 10801.220056993821Login / Registration-
 Chest 6383220- 50 to - 85840 x 460 x 5801450 x 870 x 10401.223056993831Login / Registration-
 Chest 6384300- 50 to - 851000 x 500 x 6001610 x 910 x 10601.226056993841Login / Registration-
 Chest 6385500- 50 to - 851440 x 580 x 6002060 x 1000 x 10601.233056993851Login / Registration-
Upright 6441*960 to - 40430 x 430 x 510900 x 770 x 8900.4514054249981Login / Registration-
Upright 64433000 to - 40600 x 450 x 1100990 x 865 x 19400.624056995031Login / Registration-
 Upright 64455000 to - 40600 x 760 x 1100990 x 1175 x 19400.631056995041Login / Registration-
 Upright 6481*96- 50 to - 85430 x 430 x 510900 x 770 x 8900.915054204211Login / Registration-
 Upright 6483300- 50 to - 85600 x 450 x 1100990 x 865 x 19401.227056994951Login / Registration-
 Upright 6485500- 50 to - 85600 x 760 x 1100990 x 1175 x 19401.234056994971Login / Registration-
* Sub-counter deep freezers.
Accessories available on request: safety cooling systems, drawer sets and additional shelves for GFL upright freezers 300 / 500 l, storage system for GFL chest and upright Freezers etc.
Accessories for chest and upright freezers / GFL