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Gas Detector and Warning Instruments Pac® Family

Dräger  Gas Detector and Warning Instruments Pac® Family
Dräger Gas Detector and Warning Instruments Pac® Family
The Dräger Pac®-units control the ambient air for carbon monoxide, sulphide and oxygen, Pac® 7000 also for further gases. The gas can enter from two sides, in the front and above. Gas hazards are displayed directly, men are warned acoustically, optically and by vibration. A rotary Krokodil clip allows for an assured fixation at the clothes.

Pac® 3500:
Personal monitoring in work places. Ensures reliable monitoring of ambient air and fast warnings against harmful concentrations of CO, H2S or O2. Can be used maintenance-free up to two years (CO, H2S) / 12 month (O2) by using the status display and without replacing the sensor.

Pac® 5500:
For personal monitoring and measurement in work places. Almost unlimited durability, easy to handle, ergonomic design and precise results.

Pac® 7000:
Long-run measurent and warning device for CO, H2S, O2, CO2 and further extra gases with unlimited operating time. With four-digit concentration display, adjustable counter of operating days, data memory, exchangeable sensors. E. g. for measuring CO up to 2000 ppm. Adjustable TWA- and STEL alarm, rad-out of peak-concentration is possible.
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