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EASYCAL 4.0 - Calibration Software

BRAND  EASYCAL™ 4.0 - Calibration Software
BRAND EASYCAL™ 4.0 - Calibration Software
Calibration software compatible with nearly all liquid handling instruments and glass or plastic volumetric instruments. Calibration and checking of measuring instruments to GLP and ISO 9001 standards without calculators or scratch paper. EASYCAL 4.0 software from BRAND performs all accuracy and precision calculations, matches them to standards and generates a report.
  • Testing of liquid handling instruments and volumetric instruments of glass and plastic, according to ISO 8655, ISO 4787 etc.
  • Open software, suitable for all volumetric instruments, irrespective of the manufacturer.
  • Continual control of the actual results during testing by means of a traffic-light indicator.
  • Reminder function for outstanding calibrations.
  • Recording of primary data in accordance with GLP.
  • Reliable transmission, calculation and saving of measurement data.

System requirements:
PC with 32 MB RAM, Microsoft® Windows® 98 / NT with (SP6) / ME / 2000 / XP, SVGA graphic card with 256 colours, mouse, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft® Paint.
For connection of the professional version of EASYCAL with the balance, please obtain the necessary interface cable from the balance manufacturer.

Items supplied:
CD-ROM with EASYCAL software in five languages (German / English / French / Spanish / Dutch), manual and testing instructions (SOPs) in four languages in PDF format for single- and multi-channel pipettes, hand-held dispensers, bottletop burettes and dispensers and volumetric measuring instruments of glass / plastic.
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