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  • Cases made of ABS plastic.
  • Incl. wall holder with 90° stop-arrest facility.
  • Adjustable inner arrangement, transparent cover plates.
  • With screw closures, handle, safety sealing, screen printing labelling and colour pictograms.
  • Sterile wound dressings have a 20-year expiry date from the date of manufacture, as long as the sterile packaging remains undamaged.
Specially filled first-aid kit, considering all possible risks of injury occurring in the school laboratory during chemistry and physics class. Contents include a large quantity of dressings for burns, acid contamination, rescue sheet, hand and wound cleaning wipes etc.
  • Dimensions: approx. 310 x 210 x 130 mm, made from ABS thermoplastic, orange in colour, with rubber sealing.
  • Flexible inner partitioning, transparent covers, safety locks.
  • Strong handle and security seals.
  • Impact, decay and temperature withstanding, splash proof and maintenance free.
  • Complete with screened lettering and pictograms.
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