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pH-Combination Electrodes for Special Applications

 TypeDescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No.in Stock 
SenTix® Spfor penetration measuremente. g. meat, fruit, cheese etc., plug head15040890-Login / Registration
 SenTix® Sp-DINlike SenTix® Sp with 1 m fixed cable, water-proof DIN pluge. g. meat, fruit, cheese etc.15423724-Login / Registration
SenTix® Surfor measurement on smooth surfacese. g. paper, films etc., plug head15040891-Login / Registration
 SenTix® Micfor measurements of small volumes + in small vesselsshaft-Ø 5 mm, plug head15040892-Login / Registration
 R 503 / Dreference electrode with electrolyte bridge + fixed cablebanana plug Ø 4 mm15040894-Login / Registration