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OxiTop® Control 6 System

OxiTop® Control is the logical further development of the successful OxiTop® system using software-controlled functions and infrared interface to communicate with a handy controller, the OC 100. This system enables the simultaneous and grouped start, management, storage and tracking of 100 measuring heads via the controller and tracked on a large display with graphic evaluation. Data can be transferred to the PC for evaluation and documentation via the AK-540 / B cable and the communication programme Achat OC. Controller OC 110 in combination with the OxiTop® Control S6 / S12 is ideal for users with other applications apart from BOD. The data can be called up at any time, even during sampling, thus enabling checking of the samples for errors. The display of the progress curve allows immediate detection of irregularities and interferences, such as a BOD value set too high for the volume used or undesired nitrification. Corrections can thus be made at an early stage.

Items supplied:
Complete package, ready for use, for 6 measuring places, with controller OC 100 and IS 6 inductive stirring system, 208 201 for mains supply 230 V / 50 / 60 Hz and 6 OxiTop®-C measuring systems, including 6 sample bottles, 6 rubber sleeves, 6 stirrer bars and other accessories.

The OxiTop® Control system is also available as a OxiTop® Control 12 with 12 measuring places.
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