Rotary Piston Pump Drive MCP-CPF Process

Ideal for dispensing and filling in dusty, humid or corrosive environments and in clean room areas (IP 65, dust-tight and protected against water jets).
  • Stainless steel housing, membrane key-pad, LED display.
  • 4 program memories for PC-programmed application profiles.
  • Programming similar to PLC, 4 customisable PC-programmable command sequences.
  • Pre-programmed pump-heads.
  • Wide selection of pump-heads.
  • Ideal for aggressive media.
  • High repeatability.
  • Differential pressure up to 6.9 bar.
  • Without pump-head.

Programmable functions:
  • ml / min.
  • Speed drive.
  • Dripfree due to roller backsteps.
  • Calibratable: ml / min (flow rate), ml (volume).
  • Drive start / stop.

  • Volumes ml.
  • Volumes / time unit.
  • Dispensing time (0.1 to 999 h).
  • Interval dispensing by time / volume with a pause, programming a number of dispensing cycles.
Technical Data:
Motor type:DC motor
Speed:10.0 to 1800 min-1
Speed setting:min-1, resolution 0.1 min-1
Flow rate setting:µl / min, ml / min, l / min
Power consumption:100 W
Dimensions (W x D x H):155 x 220 x 260 mm (without pump-head)
Protection rating:IP 65
Weight:6.9 kg (without pump-head)
Mains supply:85 to 264 V / 47 to 60 Hz
 TypeFlow rate
ml / min
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