Compatible Pump-Heads for ECOLINE VC-drive

Multi-channel pump-heads MS/CA 8-6 and MS/CA 4-12:
  • For pre-assembled 3-stop, colour-coded pump tubing.
  • Clickánágo cassettes.
  • Very low pulsing.
  • Flow rate according to tubing inner Ø.

Single-channel pump-head Easy-Load:
- Easily accessible pump-head.
  • Easy, rapid tubing change-over.
  • For pump tubing with 1.6 mm wall thickness.
  • Rollers made of stainless steel.
 TypeFlow rate
ml / min
RollersChannelsPUOrder Stock 
 Easy-Load0.23 to 1600 *1315828391-Login / Registration
* At 3.5 to 350 min-1.
Pleas ask for further Easy-Load pump-heads.