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Chart Biomedical 

Chart Biomedical
MVE Vapor shipper

MVE Vapor Shipper containers are designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic (- 150 °C or colder) temperatures.

Fabricated from durable, lightweight aluminum, they employ a hydro-phobic absorbent that contains the liquid nitrogen for 'spill free' shipping. The absorbent also repels moisture and humidity, assuring the maximum holding time. This eliminates the necessity to dry units between uses.

A protective shipping carton is available for all models (except the SC 20/12V) which protects the container from being placed on its side and helps in withstanding the rigors of transportation. These containers may be used to ship your samples with a 'non-hazardous' classification throughout the world, thus reducing costs and helping to assure sample viability.

MVEás IATA Dewar has been independently tested and approved with the accessories listed below to meet current UN and IATA regulations concerning the transportation of potentially infectious substances
  • Accessories on request.
 TypeNo. of
Capacity of 2 ml
cryo ampoules
Overall size
(Ø x H)
PUOrder No.in Stock  
 SC 2/1V1 (Ø 31 mm, H 127 mm)3591.58184 x 34315580165-on demand 
 SC 4/2V1 (Ø 31 mm, H 278 mm)701063.614222 x 46815580166-on demand 
 SC 4/3V1 (Ø 46 mm, H 278 mm)51484.321222 x 49215580167-on demand 
 SC 20/12V6 (Ø 46 mm, H 278 mm)5118012.385368 x 65215580168-on demand 
 XC 20/3V4 (Ø 80 mm, H 278 mm)96.76726.823368 x 63515580169-on demand 
 MiniMoover1 (Ø 31 mm, H 278 mm)35242.914184 x 49515580170-on demand 
 CryoMoover7 (Ø 79 mm, H 278 mm)9711344.212464 x 55815580171-on demand
 CryoShipper1 rack216500 or 10 pcs. bags8.510369 x 54615580172-on demand
 CryoShipper XC--216966 (loose)1014381 x 58415580173-on demand
 Cryoshipper XC IATA1 secondary cont.216350 or 22 pcs. bags11.814381 x 61015580174-on demand