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Distributors for Barrels

Made of fluoroplastic. With GL thread sockets and coupling ring suitable for barrels with female thread. Ideal for transferring liquids without causing permanent air pollution or contaminating the liquids with ambient air. Sockets can be connected to a liquid source and to a pressure or vacuum system. Due to coupling ring with grooves, the distributor can be screwed off from the barrel without turning the assembled tubing. It is also possible to connect tubes or sensors (e.g. Pt100, pH electrodes) to GL sockets. Laboratory screw joints are recommended for assembly of tubes.
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For female thread R2"4 x GL 1815209844-Login / Registration
For female thread Tri-Sure 2"4 x GL 1815209845-Login / Registration
For female thread R2"2 x GL 18 and 1 x GL 2515209846-Login / Registration
For female thread Tri-Sure 2"2 x GL 18 and 1 x GL 2515209847-Login / Registration