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Accessories for Conductivity Meter 703

 TypeDescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No.in Stock 
 ZU 69854-electrode sensor with integrated temperature probewith glass body15704590-on demand
 SE 2044-electrode sensor with epoxy bodyadapter ZU 0298 required15774705-on demand
 SE 2022-electrode sensor with stainless steel bodyadapter ZU 0298 required15774706-on demand
 ZU 0298adapterfor connection to sensors SE 202 and SE 204 to the model 70315774492-on demand
 ZU 6945calibration solution for determination / checking of cell constants1 ampoule for 1000 ml 0.1 mol / l NaCl-solution15704591-on demand
 ZU 6959Pt 1000 temperature probemeasurements, st. steelfor fast response temperature, - 10 to + 100 °C15774421-on demand
 ZU 0180replacement tubefor sensor ZU 698515774493-on demand
 ZU 6954attachable stand for 3 sensors etc.directly connected to conductivity meter15704592-on demand
 ZU 0152interface cable for connection to a computerspecial EMC cable15774482-on demand
 ZU 0245interface cable for connection to a printerspecial EMC cable15774483-on demand
 ZU 0244laboratory printer 15774481-on demand
 ZU 0249printer paper for laboratory printer ZU 02445 rolls55774485-on demand
 ZU 0250ink ribbon for laboratory printer ZU 02445 units55774486-on demand