EVOQUA Water Technologies
Reverse Osmosis-Systems Ultra Clear™ RO

The systems are extendable in steps to fulfil growing needs of consumption.

  • Pre-filtration included: fine filter cartridge AK / 5 µm, accessible from the front.
  • Running dry protection for the high pressure pump, silent high pressure pump.
  • Modular set with spiral wound RO-TFC membranes.
  • Quality control of product water with automatic drain.
  • Electronic controller, operating display recessed in the front panel, with membrane keyboard, LCD display for plain text display for conductivity permeate, niveau storage tank with display in % with 3 free selectable switching points, protection of the booster pump, status display via symbols, indication of maintenance interval, alarms and replacement of cartridge, time programme for displacement of concentrate and module flushings, RS232 interface (processing software optional), connection hoses included.
  • Further accessories are available on request.
  • Models with deionisation module VMD / EDI are available on request.
Technical Data:
Salt rejection rate:98 to 99 %
Rejection rate for bacteria:> 99 %
Rejection rate for particles:> 99 %
Mains supply:110 to 230 V, 50 to 60 Hz
l / h
(W x D x H)
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 Ultra Clear™ RO 4040340 x 420 x 5302615914611-on demand 
 Ultra Clear™ RO 6060340 x 420 x 5302715914612-Login / Registration
 Ultra Clear™ RO 100100340 x 420 x 5303115914600-Login / Registration
 Ultra Clear™ RO 200200340 x 420 x 13405715914601-on demand